The Defining Innovations and Products of 2019

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Nike, the belief that “if you have a body, you are an athlete” isn’t just an affirmation of human potential. The phrase also spurs the design process — helping teams innovate, create and envision bold solutions. Few years have witnessed the breadth of this truth like 2019. In fact, the most memorable products of the year speak to an essential quest to bring innovation, and thus inspiration, to all.

From the fields of France to the hallways of our local hospital, here are the ideas that soared in 2019:

Designing for the Female Footballer

The tournament in Paris this summer didn’t just signal a tipping point for women’s football. It also marked the occasion to unveil a new women’s specific fit for the 14 Nike Federations, a dialogue three years in the making between Nike designers and some of the world’s best players. The refining included alterations small and large, from the specific height of the V-neck, to the rise of the short, to heat-mapping areas of high perspiration to account for ventilation zones. In other words, the kits were designed to the precise requests of female athletes. Carrying the women’s cut over to training, travel, pre-match and post-match looks, the approach focused solely on serving the top female athletes as they played on the world stage.

Growing FlyEase from the Ground Up

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